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Dr. Tom Jones and Dr. Will Jones have more than three decades of combined dental experience with both adult and pediatric patients. Our practice understands the importance of convenience, which is why we provide dental services for the entire family. 

Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques for early detection and preventative care, we are able to provide a level of quality care most of our patients have never experienced before coming to our office.

You may have questions about pediatric dentistry and how to properly care for your child's teeth. We've answered some of our patients' most frequently asked questions. 


Are baby teeth important?


Children develop proper chewing, eating, speaking, and oral hygiene habits with their baby teeth - which are also called primary teeth.

Strong primary teeth allow for the jaw bones and muscles to develop healthily and help permanent teeth grow comfortably into place. If a child loses a primary tooth too soon, his or her permanent teeth may grow in crooked and lead to expensive oral treatments later in life. Decayed baby teeth can cause pain, abscesses, and infections which can spread to permanent teeth. Your child's general health may also be affected if diseased baby teeth aren't treated in a timely fashion. Remember, some primary molars don’t emerge until the age of 14; so these baby teeth need to last for years!

The oral hygiene habits and routines your child start today may last an entire lifetime. It is never too soon to start teaching kids the importance of taking care of their teeth and oral health. Proper care not only keeps kids healthier, it can prevent costly and potentially uncomfortable treatments later in life.


How do I care for my child's teeth?


Though the routine of twice a day is the same for children and adults, the are some slight differences in oral care depending on age.

Care and keep of teeth should start before the teeth are even visible. The American Dental Association suggests starting a few days after birth. Gently wipe the baby’s gums with a moist, clean washcloth or gauze pad. Once teeth emerge, they are susceptible to tooth decay and should be brushed twice a day. Brush all of your baby’s visible teeth with a tiny bit of fluoride toothpaste (no more than the size of a grain of rice).

When children get older - at about the age of 3 - they can start using more fluoride toothpaste - about the size of a pea. At this point they should be encouraged to brush their teeth on their own. However, continue to monitor and remind them to spit out the toothpaste and not swallow it. Flossing should start once two teeth in the child’s mouth touch.


What dental problems do kids have?


Even though your child’s teeth are new, some dental difficulties can begin very early in life that can affect how the adult teeth will emerge and whether or not they will be prone to dental problems in the future.

The earlier a child visits a dentist, the better the chances are of preventing future oral complications. Strong, healthy teeth not only help your child chew food easily and speak clearly, but also help them feel good about his or her smile.

Tooth Decay: This can occur at an early age by a child sleeping with the bottle or sucking on a pacifier dipped in something sweet. Bacteria that causes tooth decay can also be transferred to the child through saliva. This may occur when a parent cleans the baby’s pacifier or spoon with his or her own mouth.

Gum Disease: Inflammation of the gum tissue is can happen to children of any age. To help avoid this keep the child’s gums clean, even if no teeth have emerged.

Oral Habits: Digit sucking or grinding of teeth should be monitored, especially as the child’s permanent teeth emerge. Baby teeth may even be affected if the child’s habit is very intense.


Do children need preventative care?


Early childhood and tooth decay no longer have to go hand in hand. At Tom and Will Jones Dentistry, we focus on all aspects of preventive oral care. We use the latest in sealant technology to shield your child's teeth. Sealants are bonded to the chewing surfaces of back teeth to prevent them from developing plaque buildup which can lead to tooth decay. This is just one of the many ways Tom and Will Jones Dentistry will help set the foundation for your child’s good oral health for life.

How should I prepare my child for his or her first visit?

Many parents ask us this question. We suggest that you prepare your child like you would before their first haircut or trip to the shoe store.


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A visit to our office in Brentwood will not be the frightening experience you may remember or have heard of from other parents. We have specially designed our space to be a fun and welcoming place for children. Your child's reaction to his or her first visit to the dentist may surprise you.

Our office is easy to get to from anywhere in Brentwood, Nashville, Franklin, Antioch, Nolensville, and the surrounding areas, so you don’t have to take your kids very far to get great dental care.