Implant Dentistry

Dental implant smileThe team at Will Jones Dentistry understands that your smile gives you confidence and courage. Your smile is often the first attribute that others recognize. You want that smile to make a statement.



Dental implants can help with that smile. If you have lost a tooth, dealt with a gap between teeth, or have another issue that dental implants can solve, Dr. Will is more than happy to discuss the possibilities of dental implants with you.

What Can I Expect


If you decide that dental implants are the right solution for you, Dr. Will and our team get started on the process. Our end goal is to give you the charming appearance you have wanted – without worrying about the gap that people may see. Here’s what you can expect with dental implants:

Permanent Answer

Your new dental implants become a part of your mouth. You do not have to worry about taking a piece in and out or worry about it falling out during conversation. Your implant is fixed. Brush and floss just like normal.

Quick Recovery Time

Dental implant procedure does not last long and is typically minimally invasive. You will endure a short recovery period, but you will feel great  – with your new smile – quickly.

No Shifting

If you have a gap in your teeth, chances are high that your teeth shift and move to fill some that empty space. That is not what you want. With a dental implant, all gaps are filled. Your teeth cannot shift.

Jawbone Protection

Your jawbone serves your teeth. If it has nothing to support, that portion of your jawbone may deteriorate over time. You do not want that. A dental implant can help keep your jawbone strong.

Schedule a Consultation


Do you think dental implants may be the right fit for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Will and the team in Brentwood to talk about your options and how dental implants could improve your smile.

We want you to have confidence in your smile. Dental implants can help. Call us at (615) 941-3368 or complete the form at the link below. Our team will reach out as soon as possible.