Orthodontics for Adults

Years ago, many viewed orthodontics as a common treatment for kids and teenagers. Today, orthodontic treatment is for everyone!

Orthodontic technology has advanced significantly, making it easier and less noticeable than ever for patients to get beautiful smiles. Options for clear aligners have become the latest trend in orthodontic care, allowing patients to straighten their smile on their terms.

Our office offers an incredibly popular clear aligner solution, Clear Correct. Just as the name suggests, we correct your smile – with a completely clear solution!

Sound too good to be true? Learn more about this exciting technology below or ask Dr. Will about the treatment during your next appointment.


What Are the Benefits of Clear Correct?

The perks of Clear Correct are directly in the name. We have seen tremendous success in patients using Clear Correct because it...

Is clear - you do not have to worry about your appearance in the workplace because you are experiencing orthodontic treatment

Is corrective - you will find your new look, regaining the confidence hidden behind your smile

The Clear Correct solution gives you plenty of flexibility, a perk that traditional braces just cannot provide. Our Clear Correct technique uses personalized aligners that are easily removable from your mouth. When you have a business presentation, speaking engagement, or even a sales pitch, you can easily keep the removable aligner at home for the day. Of course, you do not want to leave them at home too often, but having that option makes Clear Correct an attractive investment for many adults looking for orthodontic treatment.

How Do I Get Clear Correct?

Before we decide that Clear Correct is the right solution for you, Dr. Will walks you through your options. He recognizes that each person has physical and financial situations, so he discusses every possibility with you to ensure that, together, we choose the best solution for your needs.

Once we determine that Clear Correct is the appropriate option for you, our team will take molds of your mouth in order to create a perfect-fitting aligners.

Not only is the Clear Correct process simple, but it also tends to be less expensive than other orthodontic or dental work, such as traditional braces or veneers.

Why Should I Choose Clear Correct for My Teeth?

One of the most beneficial aspects of Clear Correct aligners is the end results: a straight smile that is much healthier than before. When your teeth are straight, you are able to chew more regularly, floss fully, and clean your teeth from all sides. A straight smile doesn’t just impact how you look. It impacts your overall health and the future of your smile.

If you have ever shied away from smiling, laughing, or speaking because you are embarrassed by your teeth, now is the time to stop. As an adult, you are able to take control of who you are – and that making a choice that brings you happiness and confidence!

Clear Aligners for Adults in Brentwood, TN

Dr. Will would be happy to have a consult with you to learn more about Clear Connect. Feel free to give us a call at (615) 941-3368 to schedule a consultation appointment, or simply click the button below to schedule your appointment with our front desk.